Mar 292011

BSUSA_ImageBrainstormUSA offers a wide range of superior educational software products for students from K-12. Our BrainstormUSA Educational System is a family-friendly, multimedia approach to bridging the divide between home and school. Above all, the system supports the efforts being made by schools and reinforces what is being taught in an easy-to-use and enjoyable way. The BrainstormUSA Educational System is easy-to afford and produces results.

Is your child struggling to get good grades at school? Is your child under-motivated? Is your child gifted and needs a good challenge? Then the 2be* System is for you. The system gives you a personalized approach to fit your child’s educational needs. We offer you a networked version of award-winning Orchard Home software used successfully in thousands of schools across the U.S. and available at a fraction of the thousands schools pay. All our Orchard software come with pre-tests, assignments, post-tests and practice/rewards and parents are intimately involved with their child’s activities.

Today, we will shine the spotlight on our Orchard K-3 Language Arts offering. Reading is one of the most important abilities a child must develop and mastering reading comprehension at an early age will serve the child well in later grades and in adulthood. The Orchard K-3 Language Arts puts 28 titles of standardized curriculum learning, plus 846 lessons at your fingertips. These are educator-tested instructional programs adapted for home use and can be yours at a fraction of the cost schools pay.

Guided Comprehension

Guided Comprehension 3 gives your child the chance to improve his or her reading comprehension skills by reading and analyzing a variety of texts. In this module, children travel through the heart of the rainforest while completing fictional, informational, persuasive/argumentative, and everyday work texts. Skills taught in this module include, literal comprehension (main idea, details/facts, character, setting and so on); inferential comprehension (main idea, fact/opinion, mood and/or tone, etc.); critical comprehension (reasoning, author’s purpose, classifying, etc.) and visual comprehension.*

BSUSA_ImageLanguage Concepts K-2: Letters, Sounds & Words

Shakespeare, the friendly dog, guides students through a variety of interesting outdoor activities that are chock full of animation, music and voice.  Students focus on defined reading and writing skills as they progress through each phase.

Guided Comprehension 1 & 2

Guided Comprehension 1 affords students the opportunity to explore an ocean region filled with fictional stories and informational texts. Users practice literal, inferential and critical comprehension skills while reading fascinating stories.*

Guided Comprehension 2 can help your child pick up where Guided Comprehension 1 leaves off. It offers a step-by-step approach to reading comprehension. Children take a mystical journey through a polar region while enjoying developmentally appropriate fictional, informational  and persuasive/argumentative texts.*

Language Arts K-2: Parts of Speech & Sentences

Shakespeare makes his appearance once again and guides students through a variety of fun outdoor activities chock full of animation, music and voice. In this module, students learn defined reading and writing skills as they work through each level.

Language Concepts K-2: Prewriting, Punctuation & Writing and Editing

Shakespeare guides students through a variety of interesting outdoor activities. In this module, students focus on defined reading and writing skill as they work through each phase.

BSUSA_ImagePhonemic Awareness: Level A – C

Children need solid phonetic skills and without such skills they struggle to read fluently. Phonemic Awareness Level A uses research-based learning techniques to build those essential skills one at a time. A pretest is given to determine which phonics skills a particular student needs to learn, practice and master. The practice exercises gives the students the exposure to key phonemes, ensuring true mastery.

Phonemic Awarness Level B is the second title in this research-based series. It picks up where Level A leaves off. This module uses a mastery learning approach to build essential phonics skills and also provides complete coverage of intermediate phonemic awareness. It utilizes a four-step approach to instruction, which includes: diagnostic pretest; instruction in phonemes; staged practice and a reward game.

Phonemic Awareness Level C is the final title in this series and allows young readers the opportunity to master more advanced phonics skills. This program provides a thorough coverage of advanced phonemic awareness. This series will help your child develop strong reading skills.

BSUSA_ImageReading for Comprehension Beginning & Reading Links 1-5

Reading for Comprehension is a riveting module with over 130 reading passages. Students will recover artifacts from a sunken ship. Students practice key reading comprehension skills in this underwater reading adventure. The correct answers give students a chance to collect all five artifacts. Powerful graphics and fast-paced game action make using this software fun.

Reading Links allows young readers to work through nine different activities that provide a total reading experience. These activities are varied and sequenced to progress from recognition to recall. Your child will build strong reading skills using this highly effective and comprehensive program.*


Spelling Buzz: Beginning & Vocabulary Builder K – 3

Spelling Buzz is a great module for elementary students and makes learning how to spell more fun than ever.  Students are first introduced to words that share a spelling rule, letter or sound pattern. Three enticing activities provide a great opportunity for interactive practice and Spelling Buzz contest against the computer, siblings or friends makes this module so much fun. Students can also create a variety of worksheets, such as fill-in-the-blanks and word searches.

Some elementary students have some difficulty spelling new and familiar words. Vocabulary Builder K-3 can help in a big way. This program is designed to provide spelling practice in a fun environment.  You or your child can select the words to practice and your child will hear the spoken and spelled word. Each time your child spells a word correct the volcano will erupt.

BSUSA_ImageWorksheet Maker

The Worksheet Maker module provides additional resources at your fingertips for differentiating instruction. This program is designed to help you create an unlimited number of engaging and powerful supplemental worksheets for your child to continue practicing his or her skills off-line.

So, as you can see, this is an in-depth, easy-to-use, visually appealing and engaging multimedia approach to learning. Visit us at or call us at 1-800-595-5561 for more information.

**Excerpted from 2be* BrainstormUSA Educational System**