Oct 182011

BSUSA_ImageBrainstormUSA has launched its BrainstormUSA ACADEMY to give middle and high school students an advantage anywhere there is an Internet connection. The BrainstormUSA ACADEMY puts the entire curriculum for sixth to twelfth grades at your child’s fingertips. As an added benefit, you also get elective bonus classes.  The BrainstormUSA ACADEMY utilizes highly acclaimed Bloom’s Taxonomy learning strategies. These proven strategies teach children on three levels:

  • Cognitive — which covers learning of new concepts, facts and critical thinking;
  • Psychomotor — applies to the development of new skills through interactive labs, quizzes and sensory activities;
  • Affective — utilizing positive reinforcement, games and demonstrations. Students develop an appreciation for the content they are covering and have fun doing so.

We call the three levels “head, hands and heart,” giving students the knowledge, the practice and the passion that will greatly facilitate their journey to higher education and ultimately to a career path. For more information on this fascinating program, call us at 1-800-595-5561 or visit www.brainstormusa.com. Remember, “instant access to school is just a click away” through BrainstormUSA ACADEMY!