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2be* Inglés  course levels consist of First Discoveries which is designed for those without any previous knowledge of English. After First Discoveries there are BASIC levels 1-3, INTERMEDIATE 1-3 and ADVANCED 1-3.  Totaling 10 great online course levels to teach you English.

Each course is comprised of approximately 8 topic-based units. Each unit covers the following learning areas: listening, reading, speaking, grammar, and web literacy.

Within each learning area there are a range of online tools designed to provide students with the pedagogical support needed to effectively and independently work in that learning area - for example, the audio version of written texts, translation, dictionary, visual aids, etc.

Each unit opens with an introductory screen that provides background and an introduction to the topic. This serves to activate the student’s previous knowledge of the topic and to increase motivation and expectations regarding the unit. Following the introductory screen the student chooses a learning area from the unit menu.



The listening section is designed to enhance students’ comprehension of aural input through exposure to a variety of listening segments (video clips, television shows, radio programs, voice mail messages, etc).


The Reading section is designed to expose students to different text types (stories, advertisements, letters, postcards and articles) with specific emphasis on reading strategies: guessing words from context, identifying main idea, key words, etc .


The Grammar section is designed to introduce the grammatical structures in context and provide practice in them. Animated, humorous examples illustrate the use of the grammatical structures and facilitate their acquisition.


The Speaking section consists of real - life dialogues set in everyday situations, with an emphasis on functional language for daily use.

Support Tools

2be*Inglés is accompanied by a number of support tools, which include: Bilingual, audio learners dictionary Online help Student’s progress record Native language support (user-determined). The bilingual audio learners’ dictionary is available at all times in the side bar of your browser window. In the dictionary you can:
  • Enter a word to look up.
  • Select the language for translation.
  • Click the speaker button to hear how the word is pronounced.
  • View the word’s part of speech, translation and definition.