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Do you have the entrepreneurial spirit?

If you qualify for this career path, we’ll put you on a fast track towards setting up your own office. Our accelerated training courses will hone your recruiting and training skills and help get you ready to create your own organization of productive sales representatives.

The proven training

If you show the desire to be part of our team, BrainstormUSA is willing to invest in training you in our proven techniques of direct sales. We have a training program that not only gives you the tools to do the job correctly, but helps build confidence in your ability to succeed in reaching your goals.

The tools for success

BrainstormUSA has available a full range of exciting visual aids, including "read-offs", colorful sales sheets, video and DVD presentations, catalogs, and leave-behind materials in English and Spanish. These not only make selling easier, but also give you the confidence of knowing that you are backed every step of the way by a company completely committed to quality products.

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