Unlock Your Power with Your EASYKEY!


The BrainstormUSA ACADEMY provides you with a personalized EASYKEY. It has your passcodes for your subscription to the complete curriculum for Middle and High School. The ACADEMY has 163 exciting interactive courses and titles that will give you an educational advantage. Use your EASYKEY and unlock the secrets for success in school!

  • Use The BrainstormUSA ACADEMY with any Internet device, anytime, anywhere.
  • Engages students with a combination of test questions and educational games.
  • Text-to-speech feature makes learning hard concepts easy.
  • Considered less expensive than traditional after school learning centers.
  • Fun to use, and it works!

academyp.pngView the ACADEMY Guide online. To view a PDF of the BrainstormUSA ACADEMY Guide click here or the image on the right and discover how to unlock the secret to academic success in Middle and High School.