The Only Educational Software You Will Ever Need!

Orchard Home software includes more than 160 software titles that cover 5,000 essential skills and concepts in Reading, Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science. Orchard Home software teaches those same skills that students must learn in order to pass state tests; Orchard Home software is designed to conform to national and state standards, so that your child can obtain a complete education. Orchard Home software is based upon time-tested instructional practices that current research has proven to be effective across a large number of students.

So how does it work?

Orchard how it works

1. Pre-test

First, your child will take a grade- and subject-specific pre-test to determine his/her strengths and weaknesses.

2. Automatic Customized Assignments

Based upon the outcome of the pretest, Orchard Home software automatically generates a customized lesson plan for each child to learn. These targeted lessons will bolster their weaknesses and intensify the strengths. Parents can further personalize assignments by changing program parameters such as degree of difficulty and length of the lessons.

3. Fun, Engaging Lessons for Learning

Orchard is flexible with its balanced, cross-curricular content, which is challenging for advanced students while providing reinforcement skills for those who need it. By using a variety of instructional approaches coupled with the effective use of learning games and puzzles, Orchard Home software provides your child with a meaningful and enjoyable learning experience


A Variety of Instructional Styles Keep Children Coming Back for More!

  • Skill Builders – Provide step-by-step learning via tutorials, practice, tests and reward games.
  • Learning Games – Reinforce skills and time-on-task learning in a motivating, game environment.
  • Critical Concepts – Provide targeted instruction in Language Arts, with built-in puzzles.
  • Math Concepts – Offer interactive graphic tutorials and activities to help students understand new concepts.
  • Multimedia Reading – Extend literature-based reading and writing activities.
Multimedia Reading

4. Post-test

Post-tests measure your child’s progress and gains in achievement after using Orchard Home software. Multiple sets of post-test questions are available to assure mastery of material rather than - mere memorization. These reports will assess what state standards your child has attained and which standards still need improvement.

5. Parent Reports

  • Track your student's progress with easy to understand reports.
  • A universal management system captures work in all programs and keeps cumulative records of a student's progress.
  • A simple yet powerful system to facilitate understanding of students' strengths and weaknesses, and to adjust instruction to meet specific needs.
  • Orchard Home allows you, the parent, to get involved in tracking your child's progress with easy-to-understand reports.
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