BrainstormUSA Academy Uses Innovative Learning Strategies Proven To Engage Adolescents

For many learners, regaining the educational ground they’ve lost can seem like an overwhelming task. Give you child an online experience that is filled with rich media, graphics, video, and interactivity; making scoring higher on tests engaging and attainable. BrainstormUSA’s Academy powered by Plato Courseware is a leading industry expert in proven, effective educational solutions. By focusing on instruction that fills learners’ knowledge gaps and providing them with personalized learning experiences, we target the specific issues that have prevented students from moving forward.

We developed rigorous, relevant curriculum that challenges your students with a 21st century approach—engaging them with interactive, media-rich content

Mobile Friendly

Our mobile-friendly courseware ensures that you and your students are fully engaged. Your students can access our mobile-friendly courses anytime, anywhere on any mobile device.


Plato Courseware lets learners explore content, apply knowledge, and check understanding through a variety of interactions, including:

Technology-enhanced item types 
  • Chemical balancing tool
  • Review games
  • Historical timelines 
  • Interactive periodic tables 
  • GeoGebra tool 
  • Simulations and virtual labs

Engaging Content

Plato Courseware offers multiple ways to engage and differentiate learning. Students are presented with a variety of opportunities in which they can interact with the content and boost achievement.

Lessons Built-in lesson tutorials present concepts and reinforce learning through engaging content.

Activities Activities allow students to develop and apply skills learned in the lessons in new and interactive ways through project-based learning.

Discussions Threaded discussions mirror the educational experience of a classroom discussion and cultivate higher-order thinking.

Test Packs with Plato Rx

Plato’s diagnostic and formative assessments evaluate learners and prepare them through a personalized learning path. This allows students to bypass objectives they have already mastered, gain confidence, and focus on topics that challenge them for a more relevant and satisfying learning experience.

Plato Test Packs, when coupled with Plato Courseware, are ideal for remediation, intervention, and acceleration programs. The assessments provide an evaluation of your child’s progress and prescribe specific curriculum to fill learning gaps with personalized instruction.

Consistent alignment between test items and our rigorous curriculum assures that each learner receives an individual learning path that meets his/her needs.