Start a Class Project

It is not difficult to start a Class Project. It's actually rather easy! All you need are entry forms and the parent's letter. You can download these by clicking here. Or better yet, if you prefer to participate in a local competition through which your school can also receive educational software valued at over $1,000, please click on Contact My School, or give us a call at 1-800-595-5561 or 1-800-595-5561. We will be happy to walk you through the details and give you all the materials you need, completely free of charge.

Local Competition

Hand out the parent letters that come in your special "Dare to Dream" envelope. This letter is two-sided. The local and national entry forms are on one side. The other side provides additional information about BrainstormUSA, so interested parents can learn more if they wish. Have a class discussion on the topic of goal-setting and the value of planning in accomplishing one's dreams. Instruct your students to take the letters home and talk about goal-setting and the “Dare to Dream” program with their parents.

Ask your students to return their parents' letters the NEXT day. Regardless of how it is filled out, strive for a 50% or more return rate, which qualifies you to receive free software. Plus, students who bring their parents' letters back get their names entered into a draw for free educational CDs.

National Competition

Although many children and their parents enter the national "Dare to Dream" contest on their own, we find that some of the most successful entries are those done as class projects.
If you choose the option to make "Dare to Dream...Expect to Succeed" a class project, the first step is to get your students to start working on creative project entries. Whether done as a class project or individually, the next step alwaysp involves the parents.
They are asked to provide a statement about how they intend to help their children achieve their dreams. Although most parents write a letter of support, they are invited to use any medium of their choice.
As the final step, parents should mail entries directly to BrainstormUSA at the address below for review.
Applicants may submit an entry any time during the year. Judging is held and prizes are awarded four times per year–once each quarter. Prizes will be awarded on the basis of creativity, originality, clarity of the dream and demonstration of how your student expects and hopes to achieve it.