Is your child lacking

  • Average and needs to improve?
  • Not fulfilling his/her potential?
  • Forming bad learning habits?
  • Stuck in neutral…not advancing but not regressing?

We can help:

  • Recharge a positive attitude
  • Develop a love for learning
  • Renew Confidence
  • Lengthen attention span
Below are all the tools your child
needs for academic success.

Software Solutions Grades K-9

orchard home k-9

Online Solutions Grades 6 -12

online academy 6-12

On-demand Live
Tutor Grades 4-12

Tutor Grades 4-12

Standardized Test Practice 1–9

test practice home
Award-winning Kindergarten through Ninth Grade software, previously available only to schools, now provides customized lessons specifically for your children's needs in the comfort of your home. Learn how Orchard Home educational software can help.
Now Middle and High School is cool. We deliver 63 essential interactive online courses for Grades Six through Twelve, designed especially for today’s "plugged-in" adolescent learners. Check out the BrainstormUSA Academy, where school is cool.
No more expensive, inconvenient learning centers. Online, on- demand tutors can instantly help struggling students to deal with frustrating homework challenges, study for tests and even prepare for the SAT. Get access to
Live tutors: click here.
Children now have an effortless, trouble-free alternative to the rigors of traditional drills & test practice methods for Math, Science, and Language Arts.
Fun + Practice = Academic Success! Try Test Practice Online and have fun with education games.