Why use Test Practice 1-9?


Why should you wait for that very stressful time of the year in which your children take state tests to find out the areas they are struggling in school? Wouldn’t it be better to prepare using education games for Science, Reading, and Mathin a fun, rewarding and interactive way?  Your children can learn ahead of time what areas need improvement with skill assessments and fun online education games using BrainstormUSA’s Test Practice 1-9.

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Test practice

Science state test questions
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Math state test questions
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Educational fun for memory recall using:

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Test Practice 1-9 can help your child pass and excel on state tests using  these effective  strategies.

Why are state standardized tests so important? 

Standardized tests are based on the curriculum standards specific to each state and tests are administered to your child once a year. They are used to determine the school’s Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP).

Educators, administrators and government officials take the results of the state standardized tests very seriously.  They are viewed as a measure of teacher and school competence.  The results will determine how much funding each particular school can get, and what standing the school will have.  In many cases, it can affect the type of programs the school will have available, and even your child's future placement in school.

Scores are analyzed and many times published in newspapers, highlighting the better schools.  Parents buy and sell houses just to be in the neighborhood with schools with the best test scores. The test score categories include Math, Language Arts, and Science.

Many states start testing as early as Kindergarten and First Grade. By the time your child reaches Third Grade they will have to take these highly stressful, very rigid standardized tests. Test Practice 1-9 is the best way to keep your child progressing and learning while having fun with online education games incorporated into Test Practice 1-9.

Test Practice 1-9 connects home and school. 

The more parents get involved, the higher their kid's chance of academic success. The home-school connection is a KEY factor that contributes to strong academic performance. Your kid can use Test Practice 1-9 in school, at home, at the library, during school breaks, and even summer vacations.  Log on any time and practice, practice, practice - with fun online education games for kids.

Get unlimited access to test practice questions. 

Having access 24/7 not only provides students unlimited access to test practice and preparation exercises, it allows parents to monitor in which areas their children are struggling; Math, Science, or Reading.  A shared expectation of school success is one of the key motivators for student engagement.  Teachers want to be knowledgeable about their student’s skill proficiencies. 

Students benefit from online test practice. 

Students benefit from online test practice and preparation because they receive immediate feedback. Rather than waiting to see their test scores days, even weeks, later, students see how they are doing on every problem, every test, every test practice, and overall. Students like to chart their progress and enjoy the sense of accomplishment as they add to their list of math, reading and science skills mastered. If they get a question incorrect, they know immediately and receive feedback. If they get it right, they know that too and receive reinforcement through integrated education games. Students can proudly show their parent(s) their own site and individual progress reports with instant access from their own home. Parents feel more involved in their kid's education by having access to this data.

Be proactive- eliminate failure at school.

Proactive strategies such as test practice are necessary for review purposes as well as for students who are at risk of failure.  The more you can customize test practice education software, the better the results.  There is no question that repeated exposure to specific math, reading and science content aids retention. The adage “use it or lose it” is appropriate here.   Test practice activates memory recall using questions and education games. Now a student can have fun while learning at the same time.  Practice and rehearsal are proven strategies for memory recall to retain knowledge.  Test Practice 1-9 improves student test scores because it creates a faster recall process, which reduces the stress of retrieving the information—thus strengthening test performance.