The 2be*Educational System Provides a Complete Education for Kids

Every child has a different learning style. Some children respond better to visual stimulation, interactive games, while others respond best to words, repetition, voice and sound.

The BrainstormUSA Educational System was created to utilize the most advanced learning programs available, and covers all subjects required for kids’ education, such as Language Arts, Math, Science, Biology, and Social Studies. All the subjects a student will need, from Pre-k to college preparation, are available and customizable with the 2be* Educational System.


Thousands of families just like yours have benefited from the 2be* System.

Thousands of students also use these programs in school. The 2be System's programs have been proven to increase test scores, motivate students and give them a love for learning that will last a lifetime. Since children have different learning needs we recommend using products that are tailored for your student and that teach new skills, such as our Orchard Home Software for grades pre-k through 9, or our BrainstormUSA Academy online learning program for Grades 6-12. These programs work best in conjunction with our Review and Refresh programs; these include the BrainstormUSA Test Practice program, which helps children practice for standardized tests, and 2be Tutor, an amazing on-demand live tutor that you can use for homework help or remedial review. You can supplement one program with another, or combine all programs to provide a complete education for kids.


It's easier than you think! Our family-friendly, multi-media approach to home learning supports the school's efforts. The best part about it is that our programs:





See below to Customize a 2be* System to fit your family's needs.

Software Solutions Grades K-9

orchard-home k-9

Online Solutions Grades 6 -12

online academy

On-demand Live
Tutor Grades 4-12


Standardized Test Practice 1–9

test practice home
Award-winning Kindergarten through Ninth Grade software, previously available only to schools, now provides customized lessons specifically for your children's needs in the comfort of your home. Learn how Orchard Home educational software can help.
 Now Middle and High School is cool. We deliver 163 essential interactive online courses and tittles for Grades Six through Twelve, designed especially for today’s "plugged-in" adolescent learners. Check out the BrainstormUSA Academy, where school is cool.
No more expensive, inconvenient learning centers. Online, on- demand tutors can instantly help struggling students to deal with frustrating homework challenges, study for tests and even prepare for the SAT. Get access to
Live tutors: click here.
Children now have an online effortless, trouble-free alternative to the rigors of traditional drills & test practice methods for Math, Science, and Language Arts. 
Fun + Practice = Academic Success! Try Test Practice and have fun with online education games.