A Personalized plan and help every step of the way

g.jpgAs a parent, sometimes you may feel lost trying to help your children with homework, a complicated math problem or a grammar issue. Now you have friends that know – a friend that coaches you, a friend that tutors your child one-on-one, and a friend that guides your child’s academic success.




Your Acadamigo Coach will provide you with a personalized plan of action that your children can follow. We are with you every step of the way, from one-on-one whiteboards lessons, support for difficult homework and all BrainstormUSA programs, and progress reports so you can rest assured that your kids are getting all the very best help they need.

Acadamigo’s Coaches, Tutors and targeted game plan are a winning combination!

Your Personal Family Coach will provide a phone consultation with parents and set up a time for the child to take an online diagnostic assessment. The assessment will target exactly strengths and weaknesses. The Coach will work with the online on-demand tutors outlining a tutoring strategy for the child and set a schedule for tutoring sessions or the child can use the tutoring service on demand 24-7.

Each student enrolled in Acadamigo will have access to 15 hours of one-on-one tutoring to be used within a year from enrollment. This tutoring will take place online using a virtual whiteboard. The student can use the tutoring time to help with homework on-demand as well. Tutors will also have access to the child’s work they do in all BrainstormUSA products through the “administrator tools” of TestPractice and Academy and will use software to login to your child’s PC to review Orchard Home.

During the 15 hour tutoring sessions Acadamigo Coaches will email parents with status updates that will show the progress their child has made.

Acadamigo is the smart affordable Tutoring solution.