Prepare your Teen for High School and Beyond

g.jpgToday our teens need to meet the needs of a shrinking and highly competitive global job market. Now, more than ever, high school students are faced with not just needing a college education to obtain a position they can turn into acareer…they need to be in the top percentile of their class and have the necessary job skills.

So here lies the can the average High School student achieve great grades in school, score high on college entrance exams and get rudimentary job skills? You may ask what we can do as parents. Do I have to get a private tutor for his schoolwork...enroll my child in a college prep course, and have him/her intern at the career of hischoice?

You could try all those ideas but they sound expensive, time consuming and a burden for most parents should not endure.

Now there is a low-cost, hassle-free, online solution from BrainstormUSA…. Academy+

Academy+ will help teens navigate the rigors of high school classes, prepare them for college entrance exams and provide fundamental experiences and familiarity with career possibilities.

ACADEMY+ is an incredible online program that helps High School students succeed beyond their wildest dreams!

What does Academy+ do?

  • Proven test preparation programs that provide standards-based instruction, assessment, and support for success on state tests and national exams.
  • Academy+ pinpoints academic strengths and weaknesses.
  • Identifies skill gaps and prescribes instruction accordingly.
  • Targets individual student needs to ensure success on high-stakes testing.
  • Academy+ helps raise student achievement.
  • Self-paced, individualized interactive learning.
  • Aligned to college entrance exams and placement tests.



The first module contains all the courses from the BrainstormUSA Academy. 163 titles and courses that will support what your high school student is learning in each class in every grade in high school. The Brainstorm Academy coures also include AP and college level classes for advanced students as well as remedial classes for those students whoneed review.

Module 2 will help your child prepare for either the SAT or ACT College Entrance Exams. No need to enroll your child in an expensive, inconvenient exam prep center. Now use the full courses anytime and anywhere there is an internet connection. As with all courses of Academy +….they work on all MOBILE devices. Prep for College Entrance Exams with ease and in the comfort of your own home, driving to school, after school, at the library—everywhere!

The third module in Academy+ is our Career and Technical library. 32 Interactive courses cover a plethora of career choices for students to choose from. Teens can sample many different careers and learn the fundamentals of each. Academy+ makes college course and major selection easier and less stressful. Teens will also learn life skills as well….they can take a course on parenting…finances…. or delve into a career like architecture, law or psychology.


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High School Core Courses

Give your child a strong foundation with our comprehensive offering of core curriculum

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College Entrance Exams TEST PREP

Prepare your Child for their next step with courses aligned to the leading college entrance and placement tests

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Career Readiness Library

Prepare your child for college and careers with learning experiences outside the core curriculum areas. Equip your students with the skills they need to compete in today’s workforce by connecting their learning to real-life experience with highly interactive courses

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