The Fun & Easy Way To Prepare for High School Tests


Study Island is the best way for High School students to prepare for classroom ,State and National standardized tests. Just like BrainstormUSA’s TestPractice for Elementary and Middle school, Study Island uses interactive programs with fun learning games to engage High School students.

Study Island’s data-driven standards mastery programs are designed to help 9–12 students master the content specified in State and Common Core Standards and improve performance in core skill areas.

Study Island’s high-impact, high-value learning programs provide quality academic support and practice for teens. The immediate feedback and built-in remediation, coupled with the actionable data, enable parents to easily monitor student progress.

The Power of Study Island: Test Prep + Fun = Success!

  • Students can work through questions using a standard test format, an interactive game format, or printable worksheets.
  •  Real time progress monitoring that identifies student strengths and weaknesses.
  • Targets individual student needs to ensure success on high-stakes testing.
  • Self-paced, individualized interactive learning.
  • Aligned to college entrance exams and placement tests.
  • It’s Fun and engages high school students.
  • Support tools include lesson plans, instructional videos, and web and print resources.
  • Students and Parents receive immediate feedback and built-in remediation.


If you love games, you will love Study Island engaging, interactive and fun approach.

Study Island supports the learning process and builds off of your students’ enthusiasm for technology with engaging, interactive lessons and activities. Students can work through the web-based program at their own pace, with dynamic content, students don’t memorize the answers, they learn the topics.



  • State Curriculum Exit Exams
  • Common Core
  • College Entrance Exam Prep
  • State Standards Mastery
  • State High School Proficiency Examination
  • Early Exit Exams
  • National EOC Preparation
  • AP Exam Preparation
  • Reading Intervention