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The Brainstorm Solution

Imagine a system that allows parents to get more involved in their children's education, where all the best teachers in the world came in a box; that system is called the 2be* Educational System from BrainstormUSA. It uses a variety of engaging learning approaches, challenging questions and rewarding games. Since every child is different and every child is at his own stage of development, the system identifies exactly his or hers unique learning needs. This powerful system is powered by Orchard Learning, which is used to produce great results in thousands of schools across the country. Principals and educators love the ease of use and management control that the system provides them over their students. To learn more about how the 2be* Educational System from BrainstormUSA can help your students watch the video above.

K-3 Math & Language Arts

These programs strengthen and expand early childhood education by building a solid foundation of basic skills. Thelessons are specifically designed to enhance fluency through repeated vocabulary exposure and spelling instructions. The software utilizes captivating graphics and reward games to create a fun learning experience for the young child.

The 2be* Math and Language Arts module allows children to work at their own pace without fear of failure. The programs will walk each child through the challenges with voice animated help and constant instructional feedback, guiding them to success. This module is ideal for young students whose reading skills are not fully developed and allows them to work through the activities with confidence and independence. The best part about the 2be* K-3 Math & Language Arts is that the child will have a great deal of fun while learning while gaining the necessary skill sets from this great early learning program. To learn more about how the 2be* K-3 Math & Language Arts Modules can help your students watch the video above.

4-6 Math & Language Arts

Studies have shown that these crucial years will set the tone for a child's educational experience. Children have fun while learning and they cover all the skills necessary for these critical years. When students tend to get bored, or feel frustrated when they have a hard time understanding a subject the 2be* 4-6 Math and Language module will put them at ease and make learning fun. The 2be* programs use animations to bring often-difficult concepts to life, reward games maintain your students’ interest,

7-9 Math & Language Arts

The all too important middle school and pre-high school years dictate what type of secondary education experience students will have. The 2be* 7-9 Math & Language Arts module expose students to fiction and nonfiction works from various genres and they can use the word processing tool to publish their work. Students will concentrate their efforts in the language arts skills found in their State Standards and work on Advanced Strategies, Grammar, Punctuation, Parts of Speech, Spelling and Vocabulary. They will even get a chance to work on their High School Language Arts by working on skills typically taught in ninth grade that appear on exit exams. Math skills are honed in a stress free environment, with a unique combination of unlimited practice opportunities, step-by-step instruction and instructional feedback that helps students practice and prepare for exit tests required to enter high school. To learn more about how the 2be* 7-9 Math & Language Arts Modules can help your students watch the video above.

4-10 Science

These award-winning programs build a solid science foundation and feed curious minds with the knowledge of the world around them. The self-paced, interactive tutorials utilize instructional video units and a scientific inquiry section along with writing activities and vocabulary to reinforce learned concepts. This helps young scientists develop key skills that will be an asset as they progress to higher grades in school. Orchard Science will keep students motivated, eliminates the frustration of learning advanced abstract concepts and will keep students in these critical years of learning one step ahead. To learn more about how the 2be*4-10 module can help your students watch the video above.

BrainstormUSA Academy

BrainstormUSA Academy offers 163 Middle School and High School courses and titles covering Mathematics, Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and Electives…everything students need for grades 6-12. All courses and tests are correlated to the new national Common Core standards.BrainstormUSAAcademygives parents and students a choice. Students can take the full course or for more targeted instruction they can use our new TestPacks Rx.  TestPacks Rx allows students to only get the help they need…they take a diagnostic pretest to determine their strengths and weaknesses, then precision instruction is given to the student.  TestPacks Rx saves time and helps struggling students as well as advanced students.

BrainstormUSA TestPractice

BrainstormUSA’s TestPractice offers children an effortless, trouble-free alternative to the rigors of traditional drill & practice methods. BrainstormUSA’s TestPractice has been designed to complement and reinforce the skills taught by Orchard home. BrainstormUSA’s TestPractice uses a simple concept…make drilling and practice fun and easy. BrainstormUSA’s TestPractice accomplishes this by first giving a short assessment, then offering grade appropriate, 10 question practice sessions. After each correct question during the review the children are allowed to play a game of their choice. Fun + Practice = Success. BrainstormUSA’s TestPractice is web-based accompaniment to Orchard home.

2be* Ingles

2be* Inglés is an online language learning course used in tens of thousands of Universities around the world. 2be* Inglés utilizes an extensive array of multi-media and speech recognition techniques to make learning English easy. Focusing on real-life situations, literacy and vocabulary building as well as authentic reading and writing tasks, 2be* Inglés will guide you towards mastering the English language.

BrainstormUSA Rewards

BrainstormUSA Rewards is a great way to help students score higher on standardized tests, get better grades in school and stay motivated. Just for using 2be* Orchard Home, children can earn points and redeem them for great prizes like a new bike or even a tablet. Your children can EARN while they LEARN!  Go to for the complete rules. By using BrainstormUSA Rewards your children will gain a love for learning and build confidence that will last a lifetime.