What Parents Say About BrainstormUSA

"They actually enjoy sitting in front of the computer studying, instead of watching cartoons"

The programs from BrainstormUSA have helped our three children advance in their classes. Particularly our daughter in the eighth grade is now ahead in her studies. My other daughter in the fifth grade has also advanced in reading and writing and the other subjects covered by the programs.
I'm seeing that they actually enjoy sitting in front of the computer studying, instead of watching cartoons and wasting time doing other things. They spend their time studying because the programs are fun and the way they have been created, they work as if they were cartoons, but instead they are educational – and the kids love that. That is a way for the kids to have fun and sometimes they fight because the three of them want to use the programs at the same time. So I bought two more computers. That way, each one can use the programs at the same time. And I’ve noticed a great change in their grades and homework.
Magdalena Gómez
from Haines City, FL

"Their grades improved a lot"

"The programs have helped them improve with their homework and school studies in all the subjects they have. One child is in the seventh grade, the other is in the fifth, and the little girl is in Kindergarten. They were having problems in school with math, but the programs from BrainstormUSA helped them improve. Their grades improved a lot. Now in the afternoons the children finish their homework and go to their room and work on the computer. They use it almost everyday for about 1 to 2 hours. The second oldest child puts a little bit more effort into it, and the little girl is right there with them using the programs. The children say that they are happy with the product and that it will continue to help them as they advance in school. If there’s something they don’t understand from school – like math – they have programs that can help them."
Enrique Meraz