Some of the Winners of the "Dare to Dream... Expect to Succeed" Program

The power of visualizing a dream

Students from large cities and small towns, from grade school to high school...these boys and girls have dared to dream. Through their hard work and imaginative efforts they have won scholarship dollars, computers and software...We dedicate this page to them...and to the attainment of dreams!
Here is a sampling of some of the winning projects. We will post winning projects and presentations as they become available. So take a look at some of the winning entries. Enjoy! Remember...Dare to Dream...Expect to succeed.


Ryan Doupe
Very first winner 1999, was a 3rd Grader from Lynbrook, NY, at Our Lady of Peace. Made a 3-dimensional poster expressing his dream of being a writer and Illustrator. Received A B.A in Psychology and Philosophy from Adelphi University, Garden City, NY and a Master’s in Mental Health Counceling.

Ryan Doupe, received a Bachelors degree in Psychology and Philosophy and pursued a Masters in Mental Health Counseling. He is currently working in the Mental Health field.“Winning the scholarship was great,” Ryan Doupe said. “it was a good motivator. I was undecided at first, but after winning the scholarship I was able to decide on pursuing a college education and major in the psychology field.
 It was a blessing knowing that I had some scholarship money and that it would help with school and expenses. Dare to Dream is a great motivator for young people to pursue their dreams and be able to go to college. The scholarship really helped my family and I am very thankful to BrainstormUSA.”


luis.jpgLuis Arechiga
Winner 2004, was a 7th grader at Arroyo Seco Museum Science Magnet School in Los Angeles, CA. Made a model of a dog showing his dream of becoming a veterinarian. Received a B.S. in Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology from Emory University, Atlanta GA.

“Winning the Dare to Dream scholarship gave me the confidence and motivation to apply for other scholarships,” Luis Arechiga said. “And I was able to get a full scholarship to Emory University. It was nice to know that when I applied to colleges and if things got tight that I had the $5,000 scholarship money to use, so it made me more confident.”

In his Senior year of high school, Luis did some research at USC Keck School of Medicine. He tested compounds in search of the next generation of HIV drugs. He was very enthusiastic about taking part of this research, since his name would appear on any research paper published as a result of these experiments.

Luis received a full scholarship to Emory University, where he graduated with a B.S. in Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology. He is currently working as a Clinical Research Coordinator at Emory University and wants to go continue into medical school. He still has the Dare to Dream scholarship available, which he can use when he goes to Med School.


vanna.jpgVanna Mai Le
Winner 1999, was a 5th grader at Los Arboles Elementary School in San Jose, CA. Created a Notebook showing the effects of violence and poverty to express her dream to create programs that teach children how to handle anger, stress and depression. Received B.As in English, Economics and a minor in Textiles & Clothing from University of California, Davis and finished her studies in 3 years.
“I didn’t really know I had talent,” Vanna Mai Le said. “But after winning the scholarship, it gave me so much confidence in myself. Winning the scholarship changed my life. I wrote an essay on World Peace and didn’t really believe I would win, so I was so pleasantly surprised to win the scholarship. Dare to Dream gave me the motivation and confidence of being capable of doing something in the future. The scholarship was used for tuition during school. I’m now a journalist. Winning a scholarship like this is great motivation for students of any age. I was on the fence about college because my parents could not afford it, but this scholarship was a great motivator and can really help many people. I currently work for Forbes Magazine as a staff writer and write about media and entertainment. I also produce the Business channel, which covers topics from economics and Wall Street to health care and Washington.”

Congratulations to All Winners!



BrainstormUSA would like to congratulate all these great students that Dared to Dream. They worked hard through elementary, middle school all the way through high school, focused and motivated on achieving their goal. Through their perseverance and dedicated parents, they succeed in achieving their dream. We hope their efforts will serve as inspiration to every child that not only wants to enter the contest, but that has a big dream that they would like to achieve. Here’s proof that dreams do come true.